How do I know which ball valve to use?

When you need ball valves for any application, knowing which is the right one for your needs can be a tricky task. However, to deal with exactly this situation, there is an incredibly useful tool you can use. Think STAMP. Easy to remember and it stands for the following:

S – size of the valve

T – the temperature that the valve will be experiencing

A – the application you want to use the valve for

M – the correct measurements

P – the pressure that the valve will be under

When you start with STAMP, you can work through until you reduce it down to your exact requirements.

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The type of operation that you will be doing will influence what size of ball valve you require. A major consideration is flow rate and what this will be through the valve. Sometimes, it is ok to use a smaller ball valve, but this always depends on the flow rates. For help with buying a Brass Ball Valve, visit a site like Orseal

What about reduced bore and full bore?

What is different between these is the area that the fluid travels through and the ball size inside the valve.

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It might be possible for you look at the current fittings and to use this as a guide to what you need. You will need to know the current hose internal diameter measurements and the outside measurements of the male thread. Whatever this measurement is, in most cases, the ball valve size will be the same.

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