Important questions to ask an agent when viewing a property

A good agent will be able answer most of your questions, or provide you with any information that you have requested from the seller. Invite family members or friends along for a new perspective.

Be aware of any inconvenient facts, obvious problems or hidden flaws before signing contracts and parting with large sums of money.

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Nobody likes finding out that their heating system is in need of replacement or that previous owners have done a great job hiding a serious problem with damp.

Questions you should ask before viewing a property

Has the property been listed for sale and has there been an offer?

If a property is on the market for a long period of time and there are no offers, it could be a sign that something is wrong. You should look into this further. When was the last time a property sale fell through if a previous offer was accepted? A survey may have revealed something concerning. When you need Stroud Estate Agents, contact

The property has been reduced or relisted?

Why? Has there been a failure to deliver or a problem found during the survey?

What is the reason for selling? How long has the current owner lived at this property?

Most people move because of legitimate reasons such as a change in circumstance, lifestyle, or to downsize or upsize.

Take note if the current owners have only recently moved in (information can be found on the Land Registry’s website). If houses are frequently sold, it is often because of neighbours who are a nuisance or long-term development plans in the area.

Are you chain free? If so, negotiate!

Negotiation is possible when you are flexible. What is the lowest price that the seller will accept? If the seller is in a hurry, they may accept a lower price if your situation is favourable.

When is the owner looking to move? Are there any possible complications in the chain of the sale?

Has the seller been able to find a new home? Does that property belong to a chain of properties? Has their offer been accepted? When will they leave if the sale is completed? Multiple transactions and fragile chains can complicate the situation.

Do not be afraid to ask questions that go beyond the obvious. You can then build a more realistic picture of timeframes, which is useful when you have to act quickly.

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What recent renovations have there been?

Can you move right away? You should have little to do if the property was recently renovated, other than experiment with colour schemes and furnish it with your own furniture and possessions.

In your offer, include any significant cosmetic work, such as replastering or replacing windows, or changing the flooring.