Getting Your Business Website Right

Websites are essential to the success of businesses both large and small, global and local. Online-centric businesses live and die by their design quality, meaning more and more people are using professional firms for their web design in Bristol and across the country.

However, despite the growing professional considerations, it doesn’t have to be excessively complicated either. You just need to pay attention to all the most important aspects.



Website design is one of the keys to success online. A well-designed website will look professional, endear itself to visitors, and encourage trust. This means people will be more inclined to do business with you, whereas a badly-designed site would be actively off-putting.

Many businesses opt for custom-made sites over templates for the added flexibility they provide, and unique designs are a must if you want to succeed online. With this in mind, firms like Aardvark Creative provide web design in Bristol and others elsewhere to a growing number of clients.


In order to really succeed, your website will need good content in addition to good design. Written content should be engaging, polished and free from errors – especially in the case of product descriptions or sales pages – and for this reason it is usually best to have it written by a professional.

However, visual content is every bit as important. Well-designed banners, good, clear product images, and other eye-catching visual elements can really help a website to engage more effectively with customers.

SEO and Marketing

Even if you have got the perfect site and stuffed it with fantastic content, there’s one thing it is still going to need; visitors. People won’t just automatically start rolling up to your site as soon as it’s built. They will have to find it somehow.

Search Engine Optimisation, better known as simply SEO, is a good place to start. This is the process of optimising your site for search engines with regard to specific and relevant keyword searches, so that people will naturally find your site when looking for relevant things. However, it is quite likely that some kind of active marketing efforts will be needed as well as SEO. Examples of these practices include pay-per-click ads online and simply including your web address on any offline promotional materials you have – perhaps with an incentive to visit.