Where to place the modem / Wi-Fi router to improve wireless signal?

To avoid losing well (if not all) signal that your modem / router spreads in all directions, you have to follow a series of simple steps. The following factors are those that have the greatest impact on the performance of a wireless network, and then you have to keep in mind before choosing where to place the modem / router:

Repeaters of analog video signals: Although now less common, these devices are the most harmful to Wi-Fi as degrading the wireless signal even when there is no transmission in progress. If you can, then you try to turn them off or, better yet, use them at all;

Where to place the modem
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Wireless devices: Today there are many devices that allow you to use wireless keyboards, mice, printers, hard drives, speakers, cordless phones, baby monitors and so on and so forth. All these devices create interference on both the wireless signal between both of them, then tries to keep them turned off, away from the modem / router or, at least, to use them as little as possible;

Microwave: This appliance emits interference in the band of 2.4 GHz band that is the same that is used more in Wi-Fi (nowadays, but you can find on the market of the modem / router dual band who are called in this so just because they work even in the band of 5 GHz which is much less widespread than in the 2.4 GHz). The microwave, unlike other devices, emits interference only when in use but, to avoid possible problems, we advise you to place the modem / router at a distance of about 10 meters from this appliance;

Bluetooth: This technology uses the 2.4 GHz band so this could adversely affect the wireless signal of the modem / router. Although the latest devices are equipped with features that allow you to bypass any interference problems, I advise you to turn off any device that uses it (otherwise, if you can, just off the Bluetooth);

Power cables: Anything that has metal in it may impact negatively on the wireless signal. In particular, the power transmission lines that for how they are made, hampering radio frequencies. Then tries to keep the modem / router as far away from these cables and avoids connecting wires where there are too many “flying”;

Walls and other materials: They will be even discounted, but the walls are very difficult to cross. To affect, not only the materials that are used to build them but also any water pipes, metal structures and special insulation that may be inside. Of all the materials available, those with the greatest impact on the wireless signal are reinforced concrete, glass very often (like armor), paper and metal. Following then there are water, brick, marble, glass, wood, plastic, asbestos and synthetic materials.

Where to place the modem / Wi-Fi router to improve wireless signal?

Bearing in mind what are the obstacles to a Wi-Fi, at this point so here are some suggestions to put into practice to improve the wireless signal by placing the most of your modem / router (or access point):

You try to put it to the first telephone socket and, simultaneously, in a central location of the house (rather than near exterior walls or windows). Choose a position that also enjoys a good visibility for every room in the house and, at the same time, for all your devices.

Possibly place it vertically (so as to dissipate heat better product), at least one meter from the ground (perhaps at a height greater than that of the people) and with the eventual antennas pointing at 90° from each other (for example, if there are two antennas, the positions in the vertical and the other horizontal);

Keep it away from noise sources (possibly also changing the channel), walls, aquariums and other structures that could contain metal inside them avoid the same time to “hide” inside the furniture.

By testing, through these tips, can you to better position the modem / wireless router and improve, as a result, the coverage of Wi-Fi without buying unnecessarily other devices.