Ways you can track performance on your website

As the shop front for your business, it is essential that your website gets in front of your customers and your potential customers. In order to ensure that the site you can have built by professional companies like Web Design Glasgow company www.design-hero.com/web-design/local-web-agency/glasgow performs well, you need to find ways to monitor it. Here are some suggestions.

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Google Analytics – one easy way to see how your website is performing as well as seeing where your traffic is coming from, what they do when they are on your site and how long they stay on it, is to use Google Analytics.

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Link shorteners – there are times when placing a URL link on either a social media platform or in an article might be difficult. This is often due to the length of the URL. This is where link shorteners like Bit.ly can help. As well as providing a shortened link, these platforms also help you to see how much traffic follows the links.

Facebook Pixels – if you want to see what buttons on your website are being clicked, you can use a Facebook pixel. These can be placed on any buttons or areas of your website that can be clicked on. This data will help you to see if there are any calls to action that aren’t getting any response, so you can look at ways to improve these.