Surface treatments in high demand as construction industry bounces back

With 2020 being a difficult year for almost every business, a return to some level or normality is something we are all looking for. For the surface treatments industry, seeing many new projects either begin or relaunch provides a boost, with many requiring a variety of coatings that increases demand from suppliers around the world.

While there are still issues caused by the pandemic, there are also encouraging signs everywhere. With countries such as Australia finally announcing the reopening of borders after more than 18 months with little movement, larger construction and infrastructure projects are slowly coming back online.

With these kinds of projects comes demands for a range of ancillary services, boosting growth for a variety of businesses as equipment, materials and other services increase in demand again. That includes suppliers of PTFE coatings and other surface treatments.

Impressive growth for construction

While the construction industry is growing around the world, the UK is particularly healthy, with a predicted 13.7% growth by the end of 2021, and a further 6.3% in 2022. When compared to the global projection of 5.7% in 2021, you can see how much the UK construction industry is rebounding.

That is great news for a number of support industries, including surface treatments specialists. Whether it is electroless nickel coating to deliver outstanding protection against corrosion even in the harshest of environments, or a PTFE coating that delivers a low friction surface and protection, surface treatments are seeing increased demand as the construction and other industries begin to emerge from the slowdown of 2020.

A sign of better times?

The reason why we look at construction to see what the future holds is because it is the beginning of business cycles. More construction projects completed means more businesses, and with more businesses there is a need for more services.

For electroless nickel coating solutions and any other kind of surface treatments, a growing construction industry means a growing economy and with that, more demand. We can expect PTFE coatings and other surface treatments to see continuing increased demand, which in turn gives confidence for suppliers throughout the industry. For more information, visit

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Light at the end of the tunnel

It is not just suppliers of coating solutions and so on that have had a difficult year of course, businesses of all kinds have been impacted by the unprecedented situation throughout 2020 and into 2021. Many people have changed how and where they work, shop and even interact with friends and family.

It is good then to see signs of the world emerging from the worst of these problems, even if we still have a long way to go. For many industries, like those involved with surface treatments, seeing growth in this way shows that there can be optimism for the future. This optimism is needed to encourage investment, fueling further growth along the way. For suppliers of coatings and more, the next year looks to be a much better one than the last, and with growth expected to continue, will hopefully continue moving forward.