Staying Safe When Operating Machinery

Nowadays, we have a lot of machinery to get jobs done for us. This can make all sorts of jobs easier and quicker, from manufacturing to building. However, when working with machinery it is essential that you work safely and understand how it works to make sure that you are not putting yourself or others at risk.

From a bulldozer being used on a building site to a hydraulic power unit like this / used in aerospace manufacturing, being aware of what the machine does and how to correctly handle it is essential. Here are some of the most important things to remember when working with machinery to reduce the risk of an accident…

Before anyone starts to use any machinery, they must have the right training. Pay attention to things like this:

Make sure that the machinery appears to be in good working order. Ensure that there are no obvious signs of damage or things like loose connections which could pose a problem when it is operating. Giving it a thorough check beforehand can help to identify any issues which may be a risk and you can then have repairs done to ensure that it is made safe.

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Make Sure that it is Located Properly – Ensure that before switching on any machinery that it is not going to be a risk to anyone who might be in the immediate vicinity, so check all around it to be certain that the area is clear and that it can operate without causing any harm to others.

Look out for Other Hazards – Another reason to check around the area is to make sure that there is nothing hazardous which could cause an accident – things that might cause someone to trip and hurt themselves whilst the machine is operating, or anything that is going to affect the safe operation of the machine need to be removed before you start it up.

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Have the Correct PPE – There are many machines that should be operated only whilst protecting the operator. PPE such as protective head and eye equipment and safety clothing is something that is advisable when operating heavy machinery, so make sure that before anyone operates it the correct equipment is available to them.