Sony SmartBand 2 renews with heart rate monitor and IP68 water resistance

Sony SmartBand

Sony did not want to wait for IFA start to introduce one of their new products, a renewal of its activity bracelet SmartBand 2 follows the philosophy of keeping quantify everything we do throughout a day and this time added the possibility. to keep track of your keystrokes with a new sensor built into the device.

A logical renewal that follows the path of other manufacturers that throughout this year have renewed their quantifiers to stick a pulse sensor. Same philosophy and a few new tricks to improve the performance of the original model and, incidentally, to correct some errors of the previous edition.

Sony SmartBandMore resistance and pulse monitoring

In the design, Sony maintains the plastic body but this time the finish is uniform and not rough in a particular part as happened with the previous SmartBand. Images appear somewhat stiffer and with a closure system safer.

Bracelet, once again, the hour but will not warn us when we enter different vibrations messages, phone calls, etc. It will have what we are every day and make a difference when we’re doing something that made the model of the previous generation sport. This time also will feature three LED lights that will help us identify what each notification at a glance.

The heart rate monitor that is incorporated into the bracelet can be used to make a daily log of your keystrokes and also calculate the moments of excitement and stress throughout the day. For the latter, Sony says it will use the accelerometers incorporated to make a more accurate calculation.

Sony polishes shortcomings in the previous model and adds a feature that is becoming increasingly common in bracelets activity measure beats.

The application will be updated and also to quantify the time spent with apps or photos you do, this time incorporates a night mode to avoid notifications arriving at night bother us. We can also set a silent alarm to wake us with a vibration.

Sleep monitoring will be present, Sony has not announced any changes in the way the dream is measured and if this time will be more accurate. If we consider that in the previous model was already quite accurate and automatically activated, it seems that in this model we meet with important news. The water resistance has been improved and now has IP68 or what is the same: to submerge up to three meters without problems. Before you could only up to 1.5 meters.

The battery, according to Sony, will offer a range of five days. This amount will depend on the number of interactions to do with it daily. We will see in our analysis if that figure is still maintained in the hardest days or considerably low.