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Modern printing technology allows artwork to be reproduced with incredible clarity and accuracy. Giclee refers to a fine art digital print process that combines pigment-based inks and high quality archival paper for prints of superior quality.

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The French word ‘glicer,’ which means to spray or squirt, is the origin of Giclee. Ink is sprayed in tiny dots onto high-quality art paper or canvas. The digital image and paper are fine-tuned to match each other. This process produces the most accurate copy of an original work of art.

Artists can choose giclee printing as it is possible to produce copies of high-quality artwork quickly using digital print technology. It’s fade-resistant, and it has good stability. It is not difficult to find a professional giclee printer. Just make sure you ask for pigment-based inks, as dye-based ones will fade. If you plan to sell the copies, you want to ensure the colours are perfect.

Giclee prints are more precise in reproducing an original image than a digital copy. This process involves calibrating the Colour Management System, and repeatedly massaging a small area of an artwork file to preserve all of its original features such as colour and shadow. Even the best inkjet printers can’t match the quality and detail of giclee printing. This is due to the size of the spray. Inks used in giclee printing are applied as microscopic drops, which provide a higher resolution.

Another bonus is using archival papers to extend the life of your print. Inks used in the printing process have been extensively tested. They are expected to last 90 years on canvas, and 100 years for archival papers. Giclee prints can also be used on other materials such as canvas. Metal and photo prints can be made. Giclee printing allows for a more precise application of ink and a greater range of colours. The difference between a giclee and an inkjet is noticeable when comparing the two. The giclee print is sharper, more vibrant and still considered an art work. For straightforward business printing needs, consider Gloucester Printers like

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The operators of giclee presses are well-trained in the use of high-end equipment, and have access to the latest colour management systems and checks for quality. If you want to get the best reproduction of your artwork, leave it to the experts. They are trained in using the latest equipment and have access to the most advanced colour management systems and quality checks.