Mobile users are increasingly concerned about the privacy of their data

Seventy-two percent of smartphone users are more concerned about the privacy of their data than the previous year, as reflected in the 2013 Trusted Consumer Confidence Index in the United States.

This report also indicates that 81% of smartphone users avoid installing applications on their device that they do not consider protecting their data. For this reason, it is important that companies gain the trust of their target audience and demonstrate that they comply with the data privacy policy, and ensure the security of the information of its users. 

Mobile users are increasingly concerned about the privacy of their dataThis does not imply that companies currently do not take into account privacy, when developing their products, But should not lower their guard and continue to strive to maintain and even exceed their standard of quality as far as security is concerned. 

According to the study, users demand more control over their data; These are the most relevant aspects:

  • 89% of consumers surveyed are concerned about an issue related to online security.
  • Safety when buying online is the most recurrent topic, highlighted by 89% of study participants.
  • 87% pay special attention to the privacy of the information they share through social networks.
  • 86% are interested in the security of transactions carried out through online banking.
  • 82% in terms of information shared via e-mail.
  • 77% are suspicious of mobile apps that do not inspire confidence.

This distrust can be decisive when it comes to hiring the services of a company. 89% avoid resorting to a company if it believes that it will not protect their online privacy. 

Another very important aspect in the area of privacy is the fact that 94% of users want to have control over who can access their information and who can track their activity online. 

The increasingly widespread use of mobile devices means greater connectivity of users, which implies a greater traffic of personal data via online, which makes it necessary to protect such information. In order to gain user confidence, companies must establish a data protection strategy that complies with current regulations.