Mobile marketing, html5 and responsive web

We all remember the story of ‘Peter and the Wolf’. The boy who cried Wolf, wolf! What a wolf! In the digital world the equivalent of that fable is the Mobile Marketing.

Very often attend talks in which it becomes clear when it will be ‘the year of the success of Mobile Marketing’ may not be clear what we mean by ‘success’: growth of penetration of Smartphones or Tablets? Are technological advances / functionality devices? Is the use of Internet through them? … In the end, are not all these questions (and some more) and key part of a revolution in capital letters? I do not want to be alarmist, but all the time we’ve been touting ‘which was the year of mobile’ important changes have occurred, especially in the way we access Internet in different devices.

Mobile marketing, html5 and responsive webWe are the country with the highest penetration of Smartphone with 66%, around 23 million mobile Internet access; Tablets sales has soared, reaching 24.3% of the total population. Mainly retrieve media, we hooked games as simple as Candy Crush or Triviados and gained access to our social networks, whose traffic has increased 45% in the last year; 4 million application downloads occur every day and suffer from ‘Nomofobia’ (Not without my mobile). Moreover, the digital consumer is becoming more multi-device and also makes a simultaneous use thereof.

And with all these figures, data and trends, I wonder … why we still expect ‘the year of Mobile Marketing’? if already here!

However, despite the technological enrichment described, only two of the companies in the IBEX-35 have a website responsive, ie, able to adapt its design to the type of device from which you access. And, failing that, just over half have a mobile application. Paradoxically, companies run the risk of losing customers not meet the new types of mobile and social relationship that users demand.

Clearly the challenge for advertisers, agencies and publishers is to optimize a cost / effectiveness in content development ecosystem thinking of a multitude of mobile devices, operating systems and programming languages. A good answer to these headaches is HTML5. In the past the HTML depended on all kinds of resources additional programming to serve a correct and unified experience in web but to the different operating systems, we must strive to find solutions to these specific resources on the mobile are not admitted. See the case of the Apple operating system that blocks and functionalities as Adobe Flash, used practically in most websites.Fortunately with the advent of HTML5, are solved in one fell swoop all these barriers saving the marketing and communication departments of genuine companies fortunes. Programming with HTML5 allows publishers and marketers to develop content once and be distributed and consumed everywhere under the same experience.

“We think that HTML5 is like Viagra for Internet”

So next time you’re at a conference and someone starts talking about ‘Mobile Marketing’ you might want to put your smartphone face down for a few minutes. Like Peter cried ‘Wolf, wolf!’, The actual result is that it is already here, it’s a reality. If companies like Yahoo !, Google, Facebook or Twitter are taking strategic positions in Mobile may take their example and rediseñes your content to a world of portable content consumption continued mobility (from one to another screen).

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