Will Air Pollution Cause the Apocalypse?

Air pollution is said to be one of the main causes of global warming. Ice caps are melting, the sea level is rising and we’re experiencing some of the strangest weather events in recorded human history. But will air pollution be the cause of the apocalypse? Many people think so. But what are the facts?

Will Air Pollution Cause the Apocalypse

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What is Polluted Air?

When the air is contaminated, either outside or inside, it is referred to as air pollution. For example, indoor air pollution can be caused when ductwork systems haven’t been cleaned properly and have started to accumulate large deposits of dirt, dust and other debris. This, in turn, leads to contaminated air being supplied into the premises, causing breathing difficulties and other health implications. The best way to deal with indoor air pollution is to maintain and clean your ductwork and vents on a regular basis. Duct cleaning Kent companies such as http://www.enviro-group.eu/, are your best option to ensure clean and fresh air 24/7.

Air Pollution and our Health

An example of outdoor air pollution is when the atmosphere has been tinged with either a physical, chemical or biological alteration. This can be caused by either dust, smoke or harmful gases. Most living creatures are affected by such air pollution, including humans, animals and even plant life. Air pollution can lead to a whole list of potential and harmful side effects, both to our own health and the health of our planet. Namely, it triggers heart problems and respiratory issues in those who suffer from breathing difficulties. It can also harm animals. For example, toxic pollutants can even enter the sea and affect sea creatures as result. We all remember the three eyed fish from The Simpsons, right?

Air Pollution and the Apocalypse

Contaminated air can increase the effects of Global warming. This causes ice to melt, sea levels to rise and even forces some wildlife species to pack up and move to a safer environment. According to Converse Energy Future, toxic gases such as sulphur and nitrogen oxides can cause rain droplets to become acidic. This results in harmful acid rain, which is a threat to animals, humans and crops etc.

Another major problem lies within the depletion of the earth’s Ozone layer. This protective field essentially protects us from dangerous UV rays from the sun. However, polluted air can wither the Ozone layer and make it quite thin. This results in skin problems and even eye irritation. It is important to do as much as you can to limit the effects air pollution has on our environment. Take the bus to help reduce exhaust fumes and clean your ductwork systems etc.