Why you cannot use your mobile in the plane?

mobile in the plane

Why cannot you use the phone on the plane? While this rule is changing, we explain the scientific reasons why it is not allowed and other details on this subject.

Why you cannot use the phone in the air reasons?

This is a recurring question among the passengers, why cannot use the phone on the plane. While some airlines are beginning to allow it, is more the exception than the rule.

Security has passed you hear from the speakers before takeoff that everyone should turn off their phone, or do not use them once the shipment is made. This measure is not just a whim of the airlines, but has a scientific explanation or at least, that’s what would have us believe. The reason is the interference that can make a call or data plan on radar the aircraft, which could cause an accident in the air.

Perhaps you have been noticing that the mobile makes a strange noise when you approach a speaker, a television or an antenna. This is because radio waves that used to give us the service. The mobile broadcast signals than 3 watt power can cause distortions between the control tower and the aircraft cabin . If the pilot does not know the exact location to continue their flight path or landing, it could cause an accident or collision, with more serious consequences. When receiving a call, a passenger could be “digging their own grave,” as the saying goes.

They are real the reasons why you cannot use the phone in an airplane? Well, so far this is the information that we provide airlines and should be respected. The point is that in recent times, some companies are allowing passengers to continue using the phone still several feet off the ground. There are exceptions, as it may be to take off and land.

But beware, it’s not just phones that are prohibited in flight. Other devices that could potentially cause errors in navigation instruments are MP3 players, tablets, e-readers and portable. The use of these items is prohibited during takeoff and decision height, and then when the landing maneuver begins.

mobile in the plane
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Using WiFi on the plane

Insurance are looking data on how to use the phone in the plane, after all the scientific or professional explanation we can get on any airline. And to spend many hours flying can be tedious, especially if we are in economy class, one of the ways we could enjoy the flight would use the Internet to browse, work, look for information on the destination you arrive, chat, use social networks, watch online videos, listen to music or watch streaming TV shows, etc.

The technical solution to a demand that had been going for some time was the installation of a network of ground antennas, rather than directed to the ground, do skyward, to connect to our phone, tablet, laptop or any device with WiFi.

The first flight that allowed passengers to connect to the Internet was in 2004, on the route between Los Angeles and Munich that makes the German company Lufthansa. Most planes that allow this connection are arriving and departing the United States. Precisely, the European company has launched a service to use Internet onboard. Yes, because it is not free. It is not about turning on the WiFi and ready. Similarly, the value is not at all high relative to the cost of a ticket for travel from Germany to America.

If we do business and we really need to use the Internet on the plane, it is not a bad idea to hire this service. The company for which you work will not have problems in paying all within the total cost of the trip.

Something that stands out is that this company and other renowned worldwide are also allowing the use of GSM phones and GPRS connections once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude. This confuses us a bit, because until now we thought it was not possible to turn on the phone or we would collide in midair.

Advantages of using the phone with “airplane mode”

Not all is bad news if the airline you travel does not allow us to use the phone or not the data packet. If you want to use the phone on the plane, you will take advantage of these benefits:

– You will not receive calls that increase your monthly bill: When you’re in flight, you will be going through countries and therefore different phone services that charge exorbitant fees for a single call. You avoid unnecessary roaming charges for calls that are not important.

– No publicity on free offline games: If you are someone who passes it playing with mobile but are tired of advertising signs, this will not occur in air travel, as these campaigns are related to the plan data you have.

– You’ll save a lot of battery: Having the mobile connected to the Internet, even if you’re not using, spends a lot of battery. Thanks to airplane mode will prevent the phone will remain in “low battery” and not have to rush to the hotel to load.

You know why you can not use your mobile on the plane. Now you can buy the service offered by the airline, or take advantage of the “airplane mode” for use in games and other entertainment without signal.

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