Why would I benefit from selecting my own local conveyancer?

When buying or selling a home, the last thing you want is to be worried about your property lawyer. A conveyancer role is extremely important for the legal transfer of the property; however, it is often the selection process that is overlooked. The ability to trust and feel comfortable with your conveyancer is key.

Often when going through this process, the estate agent will offer you a wide selection of large firms with limitless conveyors at your fingertips. Although this appears the easier option in the short term, this can put you in a stressful position when trying to portray to the firm your priorities. Instead, you could look for a convenient and more personalised option and go about selecting your own local firm.

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Large firms can have thousands of clients, therefore throughout your journey to secure or sell a house, you may speak to multiple different conveyancers. Alternatively, with a local firm, you can really get to know who you are dealing with and build rapport. To them, you will be more than a number in the chain of cases, you will most likely be treated as an individual with a specific end goal. The speed and success rate of the smaller firms can also be a lot quicker and more successful due to their work volume being lower meaning you can rely on them to really focus on your case.

The convenience of a local firm is also very advantageous, for example, you can simply walk into the firm to drop off some paperwork rather than wasting time trying to scan documents in. Once visiting the firm, you can get a feel for the atmosphere in the office and the people that work there and ask any questions you may have. This also means you are avoiding the nightmare that is online calls, which big firms tend to use! A lot of development into E-conveyancers recently has seen a rise in purely online contact however this automatically creates a distanced and less personalised relationship.

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Selecting local conveyancers such as solicitor Gloucester at www.deeandgriffin.co.uk means you are supporting a business that will most likely be supporting local charities to you. The firm will probably donate to smaller charities that will really make a difference to your community, as well as volunteering their advice to local legal education programmes.