Why strong facilities management is so important

If a business wants to be successful, there must be some process in place that supports the core business operations – and this leads us to facilities management.

Basically, the facility manager or management team will implement the various structures and processes which not only help companies of all sizes to work properly but help keep staff safe too, so let’s dig a little deeper into this area of expertise.

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Strategic planning and day-to-day operations

Facility management tasks differ between organizations, as it depends on what that business does and what sector it is in. However, management are often involved in both operations, as well as daily strategic planning. So, as well as figuring out how to cut costs while improving productivity, the facility manager might also be expected to engage in stock ordering. Of course, many companies will not be able to perform to the required standard without the right supplies, making this a very important task.

Maintenance and repairs

The job description of a facilities manager may vary but the onus tends to include maintenance and repair, especially in relation to the structure and premises. Facility managers are often assigned a certain area to be responsible for – considering the size of the site. The manager may be required to do the repair themselves or contact a third party specialist who can complete the work quickly and accurately, while not causing a nuisance for the staff or spending too much of the company’s money. Many choose to outsource this important task to a professional facilities management company. For Groundwork companies Bristol, visit a site like Chew Valley Construction, a Bristol Groundwork company.

Health and safety

Facilities management is also very important for the growing business because it ensures that all staff, guests and members of the public remain safe  – an obligation that all companies must adhere to under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 – a major law in the UK covering occupational health. Rules on health and safety are often carried out and followed up by the facilities manager who is also regularly responsible for handling any emergencies at the site.

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Cleaning, catering and other related tasks

Facilities management also includes catering, cleaning and other important vital work that often gets overlooked. Those working in this field covering the operation of the company must ensure the right food is ordered from the right company, for example, or to apply structure to ensure food is prepared safely according to legislation and hygienic practices.

So, as you can see, facilities management is an important part of any organisation that covers almost all areas of business practices and structures.