Why steel shelves are perfect for warehouses

Why are steel shelves the most popular choice of shelf to be used in UK warehouses? They’re perfect in this kind of environment, whether in a retail outlet, distribution centre, or a supply warehouse.

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In terms of shelving Ireland has some great suppliers who can offer advice on the most suitable options for your requirements. Here are just some of the reasons why steel shelving is such a good choice.

Making products visible

Some storage solutions leave customers in the dark about what you’ve got available, making products look cluttered or crowded. Steel shelves mean you can store goods more efficiently, so pickers can find them quickly and avoid any troublesome stock counts.

Keeping delicate objects safe

Steel shelves, such as those from https://www.rackzone.ie/, are ideal for storing more fragile goods, such as electronics, small parts, or valuable customer orders, that can’t be kept on racks, storage bins, or on the floor. Steel shelves are durable too, as they are naturally resistant to dirt, corrosion, and damage. They’re also incredibly easy to clean, which makes them a great investment for a warehouse that might store food or any other product that might be at risk of contamination.

Warehouses can be pretty busy places and any shelving used in a warehouse needs to be able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. Steel shelves will take any abuse you give them and never voice a word of complaint.

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Keeping cool no matter the weather

With temperatures fluctuating more and more with every year, you need a storage solution that will withstand these sorts of changes. Steel can withstand variations in temperature, making it perfect for any warehouse that stays super cold all year round or one that gets super hot in the summer. This makes them ideal for cold storage areas or any area that has constant exposure to the elements, such as a loading dock or any space near water.

Keep them customised

One steel shelving unit can be made into so many different variations. They’re easily customised into anything you need and for any scenario. They can be expanded just by adding extra shelves or units when you need to increase storage capacity – and you can take shelves away just as easily when you need extra room in your warehouse. Steel shelving is a great choice for any business.

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