Why Some People Choose to Stay Put Rather than Move House

There are many reasons to move house, from finding a place nearer to work, moving to a larger home to accommodate a growing family, to moving to an area where you have what you want around you.

The moving process can be complex and time consuming, and you need to arrange things from the conveyancing solicitor who deals with the legal side of the move, to getting your stuff from one house to another on moving day, either with a removals company or by using someone like this van hire Bristol based company www.autolynecarvanrental.co.uk/van-hire-bristol and doing it yourself.

However, there are many people who despite feeling that they need to move house for one reason or another, stay put instead. Here are some of the reasons why people choose not to move despite wanting to for one reason or another…

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They can’t find a Property that they Like – If someone has a good idea of what they want from a property and they cant find the property that has all of these things, rather than compromise, some people just prefer to stay put. It might be that with house prices now higher than they were two years ago, what they want is no longer in their price range, or there just simply isn’t the type of home in the area that they want available.

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The process is too Stressful – This is one of the top reasons and if you have ever moved house, you will agree that it can be a stressful time that is full of upheaval. Rather than having to deal with all of the stress that comes with the moving process, many people decide to stay put instead, favouring a stress-free life over a new house!

Worries about the Cost of Moving – As well as the actual cost of buying the house and working out what you can afford to pay out, there are also things that you need to pay for as part of the moving process. From solicitors to estate agents’ fees, the cost of moving is not just the property alone and people might want to avoid this at a time when the cost of living crisis makes everyday life harder to afford anyway.