Why servicing your boiler is essential

You get your car serviced regularly, but have you considered a regular boiler service a good idea? Just like the car, it’s a worry to think it could stop working and leave you with a sizable bill. Several things can go wrong with the boiler if it’s not maintained and could cause it to need a repair, so talking to boiler repair services can undoubtedly provide you with the help that you might be looking for.

Before telling you about the many issues that can occur in the boiler, there is one thing that you can do to keep the system working smoothly. It is, of course, the task of bleeding the radiators.

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The problem is quite simple, and you’ll soon spot it. The radiator does not get hot all over, but the boiler is functioning ok. It’s nothing to be too concerned about unless it keeps happening with regularity, as it might indicate a problem elsewhere. All it is is an air pocket in the radiator. The hot water cannot push the air out of the system, so you have to give it a helping hand by releasing that pressure via the valve in the radiator.

Using a radiator key, you slowly allow the air to escape. It should gently hiss before petering out, and water starts to leak through instead. The radiator should now make a gurgling sound as the air flows through the radiator. Seal up the valve, and all should be well. You’ll soon feel the heat making its way through the whole unit. For more information on a Valve Manufacturer, go to https://orseal.com

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Ok, that’s the easy one done. The other causes for the boiler not working are more complex and should only be attempted by a professional engineer. A common problem is that the water pump has gone and needs to be replaced. The water itself is the problem that sets that off. If you live in a hard water area, then the water, over time, starts to silt up parts of the pipes or the pump itself. Limescale is a big issue, and general sludge also occurs, restricting the flow.

One other reason is that the pilot light keeps going out. There are a few possible reasons: first, a draught blows it out, and second, there is no gas coming in at all. The other is the thermostat set too high, or it’s damaged, and the system cannot regulate itself.