Why More People are Building Timber Framed Homes

Timber framed homes used to be something that were commonly seen in the UK, but once bricks came on the scene, they became the most commonly used building material. However, timber framed home designs have not only come a long way but are now something that people are choosing over other building materials when they are designing and building their own homes.

One of the many reasons for this, is the fact that timber frame manufacturers can provide ready made kits for building your own home. These can be assembled onside or before they arrive and therefore, they make the building process much more straightforward, as it is much easier to put a kit together than to build a new home from brick.

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Not only does this make the process much quicker, but it also means fewer hitches and hold ups. With less things that can go wrong as well as less time spent building the house, this also means that it tends to be the more cost-effective option. However, low cost and convenience is not the only reason for the rise in interest in timber framed homes.

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Something else that people are thinking about more now is the effect that they have on the planet, and this means that they will want to choose materials that are sustainable and recyclable like timber. The rise of the eco home is setting the standard for the future.