Why Knowing Who is on Site Is Essential For Fire Safety

If you are an employer, you have some responsibilities for your employees’ safety, including learning how to use the fire extinguishers and planning a safe evacuation route and meeting point. Knowing the procedures will make it easier for your employees to respond if an emergency arises. A fire drill is essential for practicing these procedures, and it can also be a life-saving tool in case of a real fire. You should conduct fire drills regularly and include practice opportunities for employees.

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It’s a fact that people die in fires due to smoke inhalation, which can put them to sleep even before the flames can reach them. Other symptoms of smoke inhalation include shortness of breath, cough, headache, and disorientation. In a fire, there’s no light, so fumbling around in pitch black conditions can be deadly. Depending on the building materials used, a small fire can quickly grow into a large blaze, with significant damage in a matter of minutes.

Knowing who is present in the building is essential for fire marshals to ensure nobody is left in the building and in danger. Ensure your signing in system is up to date for visitors by installing a Visitor sign in system from a site like www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/digital-visitors-and-staff-signing-in-book.aspx

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Fire safety training is important at any place of employment. A workplace fire safety training programme should look at the workplace from an outside perspective, teaching workers to identify danger areas and emergency exits. Training employees in these procedures is vital to ensuring their safety and avoiding unnecessary damage. A fire training course should include a review of the building emergency action plan, and make sure that all employees are trained on the procedures.