Why it is important to have an authority search.

A local authority search is an unveiling of records, including those stored in planning, building control and other departments. It is an integral part of the home purchasing process and the information that the search uncovers can be used to renegotiate an offer; on some occasions, it can cause the homeowner to withdraw from the property purchase. Mortgage lenders require searches to be carried out. The last thing you and they want is to discover there is a something wrong with the structure and it’s time to call in a Derby Ready Mix Concrete company for example to sort the problem out.

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A local authority search is made up of three components

The search is comprised of three parts – the CON29, the LLC1 (local land charge register), and, if needed, the CON29 part 2, which is not compulsory. The local land charge register search will verify whether the property is situated in a conservation area or is a listed building. It will also provide information related to tree protection orders and can show whether the house is in need of a renovation grant and whether it is in a smoke control zone.

The CON29 will provide information in connection with proposals for new roads, railway projects or planning matters that could have a detrimental impact upon the home. It will also reveal information about any breaches of building regulations and about environmental factors.

Carrying out the conveyancing process online is convenient and time-efficient

Conveyancing is an essential part of the home buying process. Homeowners requiring an online conveyancing service can contact a range of professionals. According to Times Connection, online conveyancing can be advantageous as all business is performed over the phone or online.

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A completed CON29 form along with the LLC1 must be forwarded to the search department of the local authority. This must be submitted alongside two map plans. Searches can be carried out via agencies for a charge. Homebuyers should be aware that some mortgage companies will not permit local authority searches to be carried out personally, so it is worth checking before going down this route.

Councils have their own fees for both the LLC1 and the CON29 forms, which can range from £50 to £350. Private companies that carry out searches on the homeowner’s behalf normally offer a standard or fixed cost, which can range from around £70 to £130 including VAT. Turnaround time can vary from one day to several weeks, although the average time taken is around ten days from start to finish.