Why First Impressions Count in Web Design

As the face of your digital presence, your website must entice, intrigue or pleasantly surprise your audience. Why? Well, if it doesn’t, you run the risk of losing business to your closest competitors.

Why First Impressions Count in Web Design

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As well as providing an overview of your brand and your core values, your website must immediately send out a professional, trustworthy and experienced impression. By quickly instilling customer confidence in your brand, your website can help you to build traffic, increase your digital reach, cultivate community and generate sales.

A large percentage of businesses are reliant on their online traffic, which means that a company website is more important than ever before. With so much competition, it is vital for companies to keep on top of customer expectations and ensure that websites are delivering a first-class user experience, capturing intrigue and interest, and successfully conveying important pieces of information efficiently.

The Importance of Simplicity

A complicated website will be difficult to navigate, impeding user experiences and driving them elsewhere. Professional teams specialising in web design in Essex will understand how to create an interesting and immersive website without ever over-complicating key elements.

Why First Impressions Count in Web Design2

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A well-chosen, easily readable font, simplified navigation, aesthetically pleasing colour palettes and attractive visuals are important for a successful website, but incorporating design flair to ensure the resulting website doesn’t look generic is also imperative. When choosing a design agency to work with, make sure the team possesses a wide range of design and SEO skills, such as the selection that can be seen here: https://webwax.co.uk/.

Your Website Must Be Responsive

An increasing number of internet searches are being conducted on mobile devices. Ensuring your website is responsive, which as this Google article explains means every design element works seamlessly on mobile devices, is vital. Customers have come to expect websites to be convenient, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing across a range of devices, and so it’s important that you can compete fully in this global market.

Cultivate a Community Through Communication

As well as clearly displaying your contact information, there are many other forms of communication that can be incorporated to encourage customer interaction and conversation. Feedback forms, live chat boxes and quote requests will tell your customers that you aren’t just another faceless business and that you’re keen to provide them with any additional information or personalised advice they may require.