Why do buildings need brise soleil?

Brise soleil is a revolutionary system that helps to regulate temperature within buildings. It is particularly useful in modern architecture, in which a lot of glazing is used. Brise soleil helps to counteract the glare of the sun and provides an efficient solution that is longer lasting than window blinds and other coverings.

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How brise soleil works

Brize soleil consists of a series of blades that can be angled at different degrees to diffuse the glare of the sun from the surface of a building. These blades can be made from materials such as aluminium systems, wood, composite, and fabric. More advanced brise soleil systems have motorised blades that automatically adjust their angle to provide the most protection.

Benefits of brise soleil

The temperature regulation provided by brise soleil makes interior spaces more comfortable for people inside. While there is no law on temperature levels in the workplace, it is the employer’s responsibility to keep temperatures at a reasonable level. This usually falls in the range of 13-16 degrees for people who have a physical job.

Not only does brise soleil stop buildings from becoming too hot inside but also it saves money on energy bills, such as reducing the need to install and run air conditioning units.

Brise solei offers longer-lasting relief from solar glare than window blinds, which can become worn, dated, and need regular replacement. It is a low-maintenance solution that will stand the test of time.

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Eco-friendly future

As sustainable building solutions become increasingly important, brise soleil offers an eco-friendly method of reducing solar glare. Along with the benefits for people working or living in buildings with large amounts of glazing, it reduces energy consumption and noise pollution from air conditioning. This makes it a win-win solution for people and the environment.