Which Type of Meter Box Is Best?

When you want to install a new meter box, there are a number of different types you can get. The type you have will depend on the building. There are different meter boxes for different situations. Make sure you are aware of the different types before you install your meter box so that it suits your requirements.

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Recessed Gas Meter Boxes

Having a recessed gas meter box will mean you need a cavity wall or a pillar enclosure. The gas meter box will be installed within either of these. The advantage of these is that they’re built into the wall, not nailed on or screwed in like other meter or smart meter boxes. Having a recessed gas meter means that it won’t protrude out of the wall so doesn’t cause obstructions.

For those wanting a recessed meter box, they are usually installed in new houses or within an extension because of the cavity needed within the building’s walls.

Gas Meter Boxes That Are Surface-Mounted

Gas meters that are surface-mounted are installed outside of your property on a boundary wall that is accessible to you. A professional gas meter box supplier will be able to determine the best place for your gas meter to go. This type of meter will stick out quite a lot from your property. It’s important to make sure when choosing a surface-mounted meter that you don’t obstruct anything or place it somewhere it can be easily damaged.

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Concealed Gas Meters

The best thing about the concealed or semi-concealed meter box is that they are partially hidden in the ground. They too are installed on an outer wall of a building, but you have to make sure it doesn’t cause any obstructions. It’s not a suitable solution for a lot of different houses, so make sure to check your building is able to have a semi-concealed gas meter.

After you have chosen your ideal meter box, it’s time to find the most suitable place to put it. You need it somewhere where it will be easily accessible in case there’s an emergency. This is usually on the front wall of the property or on the boundary wall of the building. Don’t place meter boxes where they will cause an obstruction.