Which knitting needles do you need?

If you’re new to knitting, you’re probably wondering which knitting needles you need. In fact, if you’re a complete novice, it may have escaped your attention completely that there even are different needles! But as with any craft, the tools make or break your project, so whether you’re starting a knit project from scratch or making use of one of the many excellent knitting kit options out on the market, it’s important to know your needles.

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  1. Bamboo needles

    These are comfortable to hold and lightweight, with a textured surface that keeps the wool in place. This makes them great for beginners. Bamboo needles work well with all types of wool but especially with lightweight yarns. Watch out though, as they can break easily.

    2. Metal needles

    These are strong and don’t break and they are great for travelling. Their slippery surface removes all friction which makes for fast knitting. However, they are cold and heavy. They are best used with wool and acrylic yarns.

    3. Plastic needles

    Like metal needles these are also very smooth, but in contrast they are flexible and light. They are sold in a wide range of colours and looks, including glitter! They work well with all yarns, especially chunky yarns as they are so light.

    4. Wooden knitting needles

    These are smooth and have a little grip to them. They work well with slippery yarns and are great for all levels of knitting expertise. For this reason, if you buy a Knitting Kit you’ll often find wooden needles inside.

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5. Circular needles

These have long cables joining the needles and are designed for knitting in the round. They can make knitting go much faster and are also ideal for heavier projects. They can be an excellent choice for beginners, although you’ll rarely find them included in a knitting kit.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a new knitting project, getting the right needles in place will make a real difference to the end result. With some trial and error, you can also find the knitting needles that best suit your needs and preferences.