Where is the best place to live in London?

London’s boroughs vary greatly and all have something to offer, but it was recently revealed that Bromley, in the South East of the city, is the best place to live in the metropolis.
Top of the league

Out of the 32 London boroughs, Bromley has come out on top when it comes to the best place to raise a family in the capital. In a survey carried out by property firm Making Moves, it was found that Bromley has a wealth of local amenities, a low crime rate and great transport links, as well as many career opportunities and job openings.

Newspaper Metro agrees, saying that there is no shortage of activities in Bromley, including historical places like Charles Darwin’s house and Biggin Hill Memorial Museum. There’s a thriving theatre, a decent shopping centre and a country park.

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It is less than an hour by train into central London, which means you have all the attractions of the capital, as well as green spaces on your doorstep.

Another housing company, Barratt London, concurred with this, finding in its own study that Bromley has the largest amount of green space per household in the whole of London.

Should you make the move?

While it may not suit young professionals, when it comes to settling down and starting a family, Bromley could be worth a look. Just 10 miles from the centre of London, with the shortest commute at around 20 minutes, it could be the perfect first move out of the big smoke.

There are many good quality schools and the housing is relatively affordable and has a wide range. If you are thinking about moving out of town, it would be worth spending a day looking around Bromley and getting a feel for it, looking at the housing stock available and taking a peek in estate agents’ windows.

If you decide it is the place for you and are tempted to put in an offer, there are plenty of local firms which can help the process go smoothly, with conveyancing solicitors Bromley such as https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Conveyancing-Solicitors/conveyancing-solicitors-bromley who have a wealth of local knowledge.

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Big but friendly

Bromley is the largest of London’s 32 boroughs, but has a friendly, local feel, with everything you need within walking distance, as well as a clean and safe town centre. And, having said that it’s the ideal place to raise a family, there’s still plenty going on for younger people, with a wide range of both independent and chain restaurants and bars. It feels suburban but is not sedate and boring and it has a real buzz, making it ideal for a variety of ages.