What to Do When you First Get to your New Home

Moving house is a busy time, and the time leading up to moving day can be particularly stressful and there is so much to organise. However, when you get to your new home, there are some things that you should do to make sure that you are feeling at home as soon as possible – here are four things to do when you get to your new house…

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Check that Agreements of the Sale are Correct – When you first arrive, you should check that anything that was agreed upon within the sale is as it should be. If there were things that were agreed to be left in the property, check that they are there, and also make sure that a lot of rubbish hasn’t been left there, in the home and in the garden.

Have a Clean – Before you start getting unpacked, have a good clean around the house whilst it is empty. You can get into the corners as well as doing the kitchen and bathrooms, so it is all ready for you to unpack.

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Check your Utilities – Check that you know where the location of your meters are and the stopcock as well as checking that everything is working, like the heating and the water. You also should check other services, such as broadband and television, and check the connections. Before you have anything installed, you may need a professional like this TV aerial installation Bristol based company aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk to mend or replace your aerial for example.