What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of visitors to a web site to improve ranking in algorithmic search engine results.

Research shows that the website on the first page of Google receives nearly 95% of clicks, and research shows that the higher the site on the results pages, the better the traffic and click through rate. It is therefore a highly valued and sought-after spot.

The natural, organic or free search results are those which appear directly below the top pay-per-click advertising on Google. There are also a variety of other lists that can appear in Google search results, such as a list of maps, video, graphics and more knowledge. SEO can include improving the visibility in the result set as well.

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How does SEO Work?

Google display search results mostly based on the relevance and authority of pages that have been crawled by bots and included in the web index, to provide the best answer to a user’s request.

Google uses more than 200 signals to print their search results and SEO incorporates both creative and more technical activities to influence and improve some of these known signals. Sometimes, it can be more helpful to look at the wider goal of google and not the individual ranking signals to provide the best answers to users. For help with SEO on your website, consider a Doncaster Web Design company at a site like https://inter-arc.net/inter-service/web-design-doncaster/

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Therefore, SEO is about ensuring a website can be easily found and accessed, works well, can be found by using words that users type into search engines, and provide a first class user experience, with functional and high-quality content.

Google has a team of great quality indicators to evaluate the quality of search results, which will be incorporated into a machine learning algorithm. Google search quality evaluator guidelines provide many details and examples of what Google classes as a high or low quality content and websites, and their emphasis on wanting to appreciate the site that clearly demonstrates their expertise, authority and trust (EAT).

Google uses an algorithm based on the hyperlinks to calculate the validity and authority of a page, as well as how popular it is, and even though Google has evolved and grown in sophistication, this is still highly influenced by ranking. SEO ca also involve activities to help increase the number and quality ‘of inbound links to a website from other websites’. This activity is historically known as ‘link building’. Relevant and reputable sites linking to a web site is a strong signal to Google that the site may be of interest to users, and can be trusted to appear in search results for relevant queries.