What does a solicitor do?

The legal profession falls into two roles. On the one hand is the barrister. This is the person that will represent you in court and argue the case for you or against you. They are the ones that wear the wig and the gown and they must be well versed in the goings on in the court and in law past and present. One the other side is the role that we are going to focus on. This is the solicitor. Solicitors Southend, or wherever they are from, form the backbone for the legal system One of the best examples is Drysdales Solicitors Southend way. What do Solicitors do?

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Solicitors are usually your first point of contact when having anything to do with a legal matter. A solicitor’s job varies, some are specialists at certain aspects of the law such as family, criminal or employment. Most contact with solicitors comes from the conveyancing part of house purchase. Other parts of the role include;

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  • Meeting with the client and developing a relationship with them. The solicitor’s role is to help the client understand the process and explain it.
  • The Solicitor is responsible for drafting (writing) and legal documents that are required.
  • Professional colleagues such as the barrister are also met and brief on the case by the solicitor.
  • If required, the solicitor will do some research into the wider legal context of the case. This may uncover an important element from previous court cases or to clarify a continuous issue. .
  • They also give out legal advice.
  • In some rare cases they may act as an advocate in court for a client but this generally done by the barrister.

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