What are the key elements of brand strategy?

If you want to be a successful modern business, you can’t afford to ignore the branding phenomenon. Here is a look at why you need a branding strategy and the key areas to consider.

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Understanding ‘brand’

You can’t have a robust, effective and successful brand strategy if you and your employees do not truly understand what is meant by ‘brand’. Despite the word’s general usage to replace the phrases ‘firm’, ‘company’ or ‘business’, your brand is actually far less tangible. The brand is the bit of your business that consumers or clients engage with mentally and emotionally; it is the experience they have. It is also the effect that your business name has on their minds, thoughts and feelings.

Businesses simply sell the products, but brands evoke emotions. Think about the world’s most powerful brands, such as Apple. This doesn’t happen overnight. To create an effective brand, you need a strategy.

Target demographic

You need to know who you are selling to before you can pitch your brand. This will really affect what sort of brand you try to build.

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The promise

A strong brand needs to be trustworthy. What are you promising with your product, and how can you keep that promise?


Consumers engage better with brands that share their values. Think about what your values are and how you can convey them.


Perception is one of the most important elements of branding. Consider how your brand used to be perceived, how it’s currently perceived and where you want it to go. You need the full picture to go forward.

Branding/PR agency

The appointment of a PR or branding agency such as www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/brand-development/ allows you to get on with your core business. An agency can help you create a strategy and to put it into action. The branding agency is there to help you, but you will need to work together to achieve a truly successful brand image.

A branding strategy shouldn’t be something that is only seen and understood by top-level management. To create a truly effective brand, the entire workforce needs to get on board. As you create your strategy and work hard to create the perfect ‘brand’, keep your employees in the loop. Remember these key elements as you create your strategy: values, perception and promise.