Ways to Reduce Your Warehouse Waste

Everyone knows that companies and households alike should be cutting down on the amount of waste they produce. Every business knows that there are sound business reasons for doing so. Here are some more ways that businesses can help reduce the amount of waste they produce.

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1. Make Sure You Use the Right Stuff

So much waste is caused by not using the right type of packaging. Take specialist advice if you are in doubt. Net Regs gives lots of information about how to reduce your waste, how to recycle it and so on. It’s worth taking a look to get free information.

2. Train Your Staff

Often staff just don’t know how to dispose of waste properly, such as using appropriate storage bins. Training doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate or costly. Sometimes just an email will do in some cases. But remember, rinse and repeat. You can’t tell people just once: you need to reinforce regularly. You could usefully include this as part of your annual training cycle and answer your staff questions, such as Is styrofoam recyclable? and then use the services of appropriate companies like printwaste.co.uk/business-recycling-solutions/polystyrene-recycling/

Eventually it will become second nature.

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3. S-t-r-e-t-c-h

Stretch film is a bit like the stuff we use in the kitchen, just on a bigger scale. There are occasions when this can be used instead of anything in larger boxes. And it’s easier to get rid of than some other kinds of packaging. Store it in appropriately marked storage bins and you will soon start to see a tidier workplace. Remember, make it easy for people and they will do what you want them to do.

4. Mark Packaging Correctly

Your employees need to know details about the weight certain packaging can take and other similar details. Doing this will cut down on waste and ensure the right packaging will be used for the right things. Use clearly marked storage bins to store different packaging to make it easier for your staff to see what’s what.

5. Thank You

So many of your customers are conscious of environmental impacts nowadays and may vote with their feet if you don’t become environmentally friendly, so when your employees get it right, reward them in some way. Remember that all the positives from reducing waste – cost savings, fewer accidents and so on – and give your employees something to make sure they keep going in the right direction.