Ways to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews about your business

Potential customers can often make a decision on whether or not to purchase based on other customer reviews. Positive reviews can be a significant contributing factor to online purchase decisions and it isn’t necessarily difficult to get your customers to give feedback.

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Forbes says 63% of people are active in seeking out reviews online before visiting a business and potentially becoming a customer. Companies such as electricians, plumbers and a Drain Lining Company such as https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/ often receive lots of positive reviewsa s they are all working in industries where people are desperate for help and support when things go wrogn. Here’s how to make the process of capturing positive reviews from your customers easier so you can display them on your motor trade website.

Make it possible to leave a review

Create spaces on your site for customers to leave reviews, but also do this on third-party sites where potential customers might be researching before deciding to visit a single brand site. For instance, people might be looking at Yelp business listings, so make sure the information on your website is registered and relevant.

Create a Facebook Page for your business as well and prepare to respond to customer queries coming through page comments but also Messenger, which can all influence potential customers. And don’t forget to claim your business on Google so that you are listed on Google Maps and also in response to any Google searches for businesses like yours, where customers can easily leave reviews for other people to see.

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On your own site, optimise the content on your website, blogs, social pages and emails so that there are easy ways for people to give feedback and leave public reviews.

Ask at the right time and you’re more likely to get a response, so think about when would be the best and easiest point in the customer journey for them to give a review.

Incentivise feedback

Give your customers an incentive to spend their valuable time giving you feedback, but make sure you don’t in any way imply that the incentive is linked to a positive review. It needs to be an ask for honest and truthful feedback in order for everyone to trust the process. A discount code or entrance into a prize contest could be some options.