Understanding the Hire Process with Concrete Pumps

If you have never hired pumped concrete before, it can be daunting. You may be worried about how much it will cost, how it will be delivered and what preparation you have to do.

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To help you make the most of your hired concrete pump, here’s everything you need to know to help you understand the process.

Understanding Concrete Pumps

A concrete pump is a machine that is used to transfer large quantities of concrete to a construction site by pumping. They can be attached to a truck and may have a remote-controlled articulated robotic arm (called a boom) through which the concrete is delivered. Boom pumps deliver large volumes of concrete and are popular for larger construction projects.

Other concrete pumps are mounted on a truck or trailer and are called line pumps or trailer-mounted concrete pumps. They tend to be used where a smaller quantity of concrete is required.

According to the experts at Science News for Students, concrete is the single most common artificial material on the planet. It is found everywhere.

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There is enough concrete on Earth for every living person to have their own personal concrete cube of 1.5 metres squared. It’s hardly surprising that you need it for your construction project. When you are looking for concrete pumping in Gloucestershire from a supplier such as http://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-services.php, you are certainly not alone!

The Hire Process

Once you understand the hire process, you can make the most of the time that you have the pump for. Start off by checking out the exact cost and the reviews. If you need flexibility with arrival times, make sure that this will be possible on your chosen day.

Most concrete pumps will deliver around one cubic metre per minute, so try to estimate how long the delivery will take. Smaller and more straightforward jobs will be quicker.

Sometimes you may need pumped concrete at short notice or at a weekend, so check out if this sort of service is available.

There will be some space requirements for the pump. It is usually recommended that you have 20m of parking space to fit in the concrete supplier and the pump vehicles. This is the space that would normally be taken up by four cars. You will need to protect things like garden walls and door frames from dust.