Type of scaffolding used in construction

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure to support an original structure as well as workers who use it as a platform to continue construction work. Scaffolding types vary depending on the type of construction work. Scaffolding consists of wood or steel. It must be stable and strong enough to support workers and other construction materials that are placed on it.

Types of scaffolding used in the construction:

single scaffold

double scaffolding

cantilever scaffolding

suspended scaffold

trestle scaffolding

steel scaffolding

  1. Single Scaffolding

Single scaffold is generally used for brick and is also referred to as brick layer’s scaffolding. It consists of standards, ledgers and putlogs, for example which must be parallel to the wall by a distance of approx 1.2 m. The distance between the standard is approximately 2 to 2.5 m. Putlogs taken out of the hole left in the wall to one end of the ledger. Putlogs are placed at intervals of 1.2 to 1.5 m.

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  1. Double Scaffolding

Double Scaffolding is generally used for masonry, so it is also called mason’s scaffolding. On the rock wall, it is difficult to make a hole in the wall for putlogs support. So, two rows of scaffolding were constructed to make it stronger. The first line is 20-30 cm from the wall and the other is 1 m from the first row. Putlogs are then placed which are supported by the second frame. To make it more powerful cross braces are placed. This is also referred to as independent scaffolding.

  1. Cantilever Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is supported by a series of needles that are taken through holes in the wall. It is called a single-frame type of scaffold. Care must be taken during the construction of cantilevered scaffold.

Cantilevered scaffolding is generally used under such conditions:

When the soil does not have the capacity to support standard scaffolding,

When the ground near the wall is to be free of traffic,

When the top of the wall is under construction.

  1. Suspended Scaffolding

With suspended scaffolding, a working platform is suspended from the roof with the help of a wire rope or chain, etc. It can be raised or lowered to a level that is required. It is the type of scaffolding used for repair work, including pointing and painting.

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  1. Trestle Scaffolding

Trestles are work platforms supported on a tripod or steps. This is generally used to work inside rooms for things like painting, repairs, etc., up to a height of 5m.

  1. Steel scaffolding

Steel scaffolding is built by steel tubes fixed together with steel screws or fittings. It is very easy to build or dismantle. It has a greater power, more strength and a greater resistance to fire. It is as cheap as some of the other options but will provide more security for workers. So, it is used widely nowadays. For Scaffolding Essex, visit a site like https://www.bgscaffolding.co.uk/scaffolding-essex/

  1. Patented Scaffolding

Patented scaffold also consists of steel but is equipped with a special coupling and frame etc., making it a readymade scaffolding available in the market. This type of scaffold work platform is set on brackets that can be adjusted to the level required.


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