The best top tips on choosing the right car tracking system

Car trackers are becoming increasingly popular. In the event your vehicle is stolen the police are more likely to be able to recover the vehicle.

Top tips on choosing the right car tracking system

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This attractive benefit offers the owner peace of mind and can reduce insurance premiums, as outlined by The AA. In fact, some insurance providers will insist on a tracker system being fitted to certain cars as a condition of your insurance policy, so check the wording carefully.

Define a budget

Your budget will determine the features and brands available to you. With such a wide range of trackers available, research the differences before setting your budget. The price may or may not include installation at home. It is also likely to reflect whether the tracker is Thatcham approved and to which level.

Selecting the best brand

Once you have allocated a budget, it is best to research the brands available within that range. In order to achieve a reduced insurance premium, an insurance or Thatcham approved system, such as those available at, should be selected.

Nice-to-have features

To optimise security, it is sensible to choose a system with the most appropriate features, within your allocated budget. Sometimes a vehicle tracking service allows remote disabling of the car starter system when the alarm is activated. Others may allow tracking via a smartphone app or alert the owner by text when the battery is low. It is important to decide which features are important to you.

Operation and location

Check how tracking is initiated. Some systems offer 24-hour monitoring and real-time tracking but others will only initiate tracking once the vehicle is reported stolen. Furthermore, some locations may not be supported, such as when travelling overseas. Check to ensure the coverage offered suits your expected journeys.

Check the small print

Certain systems, such as those offering 24-hour monitoring and real-time tracking, can incur a monthly service fee or an upfront subscription cost. Sometimes there are optional extras that you can set up for an additional fee when required.

Vehicle trackers can give great peace of mind when it comes to retrieving a stolen vehicle and, by selecting your unit carefully, your insurance premiums may reduce. However, solid research will ensure that your money is well spent on useful features and high-quality and reliability without overpaying.