Top digital marketing tools to grow your online presence

Entrepreneurial success means appreciating that one of the most precious commodities at your disposal is your time, and it requires shrewd investment to reap results. Digital marketing operates on the same logic. It requires shrewd investment of your time to access the wealth of digital marketing data gathered from your optimised website.

Top digital marketing tools to grow your online presence

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While that sounds impressive, you also need some practical tools so you can harness the power of digital marketing. We have gathered a handful of the best insight and analytics that digital marketing offers to help you.

Unprecedented access to browser information

With a name like Crazy Egg, you’re not likely to forget them, but you’ll remember this clever app for another reason: the incredible amount of precise information mapping out browser activity on each of your web pages. The information you gather here focuses your business strategies going forward.

Go to the experts

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulation authority, produces some interesting industry insights to assist you in developing a bird’s-eye view of the current digital marketing landscape.

Have your headlines analysed

Headlines are a powerful and dynamic marketing resource to communicate your business’ voice. CoSchedule has produced a free headline analyser tool that makes sure your headlines sparkle with focussed energy.

Top digital marketing tools to grow your online presence2

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 Webpage FX: Virtual language coach

Webpage FX offers a free readability tool to add to your digital marketing toolbox. As always, the best ideas are simple: enter your URL into the Webpage FX search box and your webpage content will be assessed for language intricacy. This tool provides critical information regarding the type of language, sentence length and word choice that are needed.

Local experts are also on hand to keep you motivated with their knowledge and expertise, such as web design in Tunbridge Wells from, who can help you devise and build your website.

Your own copy editor

Grammarly is a fantastic app that scans your copy for spelling and grammar errors. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. Grammarly has a Google Chrome extension, so the functionality of the browser is monitored.

The digital marketing world is evolving, intuitive and insightful thanks to the clever apps and approaches mentioned here. Growing your online following begins with understanding the voice you are giving your business and conveying to the world.