Tips for avoiding van theft

When you’re running a business and relying on your van, you can’t afford any theft incidents. Here are the steps you need to take to secure your vehicle and keep it safe from thieves.
1. Keep your keys safe

It’s easy to lose your keys, so make sure that you keep your van keys safe and with you at all times. If you have a keyless start, invest in a key box or Faraday pouch to avoid any relay attacks.

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You can find van models with traditional keys when you buy used vans for sale Birmingham from a dealer such as Many van drivers prefer these for their traditional access.

2. Use traditional deterrents

Pedal locks, steering wheel locks and gear lever locks or clamps are all ideal for acting as a deterrent. Buy Thatcham-approved, quality models which can at least slow thieves down. It’s worth knowing where the theft hotspots are too.

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3. Fit immobilisers and alarms

Don’t rely on factory-fitted alarms – it’s better to fit your own aftermarket solutions, making sure that they are a high-quality product. Again, they may not completely prevent theft on their own, but they do slow criminals down.

You can layer up these types of solutions to act as a deterrent as much as a ‘cease and desist’ product. After all, if a thief sees that your van is fitted with these kinds of devices, they may look for easier pickings.

4. Park carefully

Always park somewhere that is well-lit and, ideally, covered by CCTV so that your van doesn’t become a target for opportunities. You might want to invest in your own GPS vehicle tracker too. It’s also worth chatting to your local security retailer to find out what the latest tools and technologies are for protecting your vehicle.