Three simplistic methods to decorate your home

Modern design radiator

Everybody thinks of things like painting the walls, getting new furniture or replacing carpets when it comes to redecorating and transforming a home. However, there are lots of other great options open to you, and some don’t the attention they deserve. From designer radiators to unusual lighting choices, there are lots of ways you can improve and enhance the décor of your home that tend to go overlooked.

Modern design radiator

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Light Fittings

Light fittings may not be a big detail, but they are one that often gets neglected. Many people are surprisingly happy to stick with a dusty generic lampshade which has faded an awful lot since they first chose it for being “quite a nice colour” several years ago.

There are all kinds of wonderful, even weird, lighting option. Whether you go for a completely different kind of light fitting or simply a much more interesting and unusual choice of shade, there are far better and more attractive options available.

Designer Radiators

Radiators are undoubtedly functional items. Aside from the odd bit of maintenance here and there and maybe the odd lick of paint, they don’t get much attention outside of the question of whether they are keeping the room warm or not.

However, radiators are fairly large and prominent items found within most rooms of the house, and it is entirely possible to turn them into a fantastic décor feature without compromising their role as functional items. For instance, you might want to consider some of the wonderful designer radiator styles on the market such as those available from

Family Photos

This one is a bit different from the other points, but it’s also a serial offender. Most homes have an assortment of family photos spread out all over the place. Nobody can deny it’s nice to have photos of your loved ones looking down at you from walls and mantelpieces, but from a décor point of view this could often be done in a much more interesting and attractive way.

Often family photos are a scattered, disorganised assortment of photos in frames, with small photos popped in the corners of those frames, and photos just propped up with no frame at all. Consider having some photos printed in more interesting forms such as canvases or just placed in more interesting frames.