The Rise of Equine Law

Horse riding is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and sport, so much so that there is now a growing need for specialist equine lawyers for both private and commercial horse owners.

Approximately £4 billion is spent on horses each year in the UK according to the British Equestrian Trade Association and more than four million people take to the saddle every year. The equine industry looks set to continue growing, with riding schools, competitions and recreational riding all enjoying greater popularity ever since the 2012 London Olympics.

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Away from the paddocks, the way business is done in the horse industry has also undergone radical change in recent decades, thanks to the impact of European legislation and its strict interpretation of certain domestic actions by a British court. Traditionally, deals in the world of horses were always done with a handshake, but increasingly in the equine world, people are more inclined to enter into a formal legal agreement to avoid problems later on.

Buyers are now more aware of the benefits of having a written agreement before problems arise. Clients are advised to do this where applicable to keep their businesses safe for the future. Many riding businesses are becoming more commercial and professional in the way they operate, which in turn means that there has been significant growth in this area of employment and equine law.

Although in the UK there are still not that many specialist equine law practices, increasing numbers are realising the potential of this area. For a trusted equine law practice, contact Solicitors Huddersfield at a site like 

Equine law can range from simple transactions in horse buying, sale disputes, contracts, loans, syndicates and stud agreements. There are a variety of jobs for individuals and businesses, which can include anything from property and planning work to commercial businesses and jobs.

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Employment law has seen continuous development over the last few years, and many smaller riding businesses are feeling increasing pressure to be more up to speed with the rights of their employees. Increased horse buying from abroad and internet sales without seeing a horse first can lead to certain problems in the dispute on both sides of the sale and the possibility of extensive investigations.

In addition to an increased market for commercial contracts, there is growing understanding of the need to get advice about the legal aspects event organization as well. It often involves health and safety advice and suggestions on how to protect against potential liability. Previously, this would be the last thing people would consider, especially when organizing local events. However, horses can cause a lot of losses, so it is even more important in this more litigious age.