The Pros and Cons of Column Radiators

The column radiator is amongst the most instantly recognisable of heating solutions. It is efficient, effective and available in a wide variety of designs—proving popular time and again. But are they timeless or old-fashioned? Non-distracting or simply boring?

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Below we answer the question as we discuss the pros and cons of the column radiator.


Not Contemporary

The column radiator may be a classic, but it is also one of the most readily recognised designs. If you are aiming to achieve an ultra-modern look, then it may not be the best design choice in spite of the other things it has to recommend it. If you are avoiding classic or retro features in your home but still need a great heating solution, why not consider a modern design such as a vertical radiator with a high shine finish?

Not as Easy to Clean

The ridged design of the column radiator is effective for well-distributed heat, but they do take some time to clean. Flatter designs may be more popular for those who are short on time or who need their radiators to look immaculate at all times.

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The column radiator is instantly recognisable and a tried and tested classic. It gives an instantly homely feel and suits a variety of neutral decors.


Column radiators may be a simple design, but they are now highly customisable. If you buy from reputable companies like, then you can select from a range of finishes and colours—whether that’s sleek metals or powdered colours.


The distinctive ridged design of the column radiator is well known for its effectiveness at heating even large rooms and also for its efficiency. Energy bills are a major concern, with more people switching their equipment and providers than ever before to ensure the best deal. The unique design of the column radiator ensures that heat is evenly distributed, leading to a level, inviting and cost-effective heat.

Easy to Operate

This design of radiator is especially simple due to its manual operation. You can easily adjust the temperature without the need for additional gadgets or electronics.

Now you are aware of some of the chief pros and cons, you should feel confident about making a decision on whether the column radiator is right for you.