The Most Important Things to Have in a Playground

Playgrounds offer kids a chance to burn off energy, build muscle strength and develop coordination. However, playgrounds can be a dangerous place when not properly equipped and maintained. In fact, emergency departments treat more than thousands of children ages 14 and under for playground-related injuries every year. While some of these injuries are due to a lack of supervision or age-inappropriate equipment, many could have been avoided by proper preparation and placement of playgrounds and their components.

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The most important thing to have in a playground is good quality equipment that meets the safety requirements. The next most important thing to consider is adequate surfacing. This is especially important in summer, where the ground and equipment can be very hot. Surfacing helps to prevent injury and provides a soft, durable surface that absorbs impact. For Playgrounds Cheltenham, contact

Other important elements to consider in a playground are climbing equipment and slides. Slides can be straight, curved, or multi-level and come in various colours and materials including metal and plastic. Kids love the small rush they feel as they speed down the slide. Kids should always go down feet-first, never head-first or more than one at a time to ensure that they reach the ground safely.

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Climbing equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, from simple monkey bars to more challenging rock climbing walls. The equipment can also be designed for different ages, with the older kids’ climbers featuring more vertical elements that challenge them physically and mentally.