The Importance of an Annual Boiler Service

We all take it for granted that when we put the heating back on in the late summer months to ward off the inevitable ‘cold nip’ that may occur in the evenings, that the boiler will spring back into life and the radiators will work. We assume that hot water will flow effortlessly from the tap and the shower head. For some, this will not be the case. With a new combi- boiler system costing between £1800- £3,500, the importance of servicing your boiler once a year is paramount.

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Servicing your boiler

The upkeep of your heating system is simple and causes minimum disruption to your life. Whether you need a Gloucester boiler service or indeed a service in any other location, specialists will visit your home at a time to suit you. It is important to service your boiler for several reasons. Primarily, the safe and efficient running of your heating system is at the forefront. An inefficient boiler will not work properly and could cost more money to run. An unsafe system could well be very dangerous.

What happens during a boiler service

The engineer will carry out a visual inspection, checking that all current regulations are met and that the boiler is in good working order. They will check that the flue isn’t blocked and that the pressure is at the correct level. Finally, the boiler will be fired up. This will allow the engineer to ensure that everything is working as it should before the service is signed off.

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The dangers of not servicing your boiler

Every year people end up being unwell or even hospitalised because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Gas Safe Register stresses the importance of having your heating system checked once a year to ensure that it is running safely and effectively. A Gloucester boiler service or a service in any other location is, therefore, essential.

Book your service at a time to suit you

Many people book their service as part of the ‘spring clean’. Once all of the festivities have ended, it is time to get the house back in order. Booking your service in the new year is a great time as you can ensure that everything will be running safely and efficiently for the year ahead.