The Beauty of Ferrari

One of the most successful F1 teams to ever grace the Grand Prix circuits, creators of dominant  Le Mans winning supercars, Road cars have redefined the aesthetic of what a car looks like and is capable of; Ferrari has done it all. High speed and associated with the rich and the powerful, the Ferrari brand is everything and more about style in motoring. Should you ever be lucky to own or to drive one, no matter what year it’s made, you’ll need to look after it properly. This is why a call to Garage Doors Bristol based company like is an essential matter for the care of these fantastic cars. These are cars that you cannot simply leave out on the street.

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The Ferrari brand began in Italy in 1929. It is the vision of one man, Enzo Ferrari, to build a car so fast and beautiful it would set the mark for all others that wish to follow it. Ferrari couldn’t do this alone. At the time, he was part of the Alfa Romeo group, and they charged him with making this dream car, not that they weren’t producing quality cars themselves at the time. Instead, they were the arm of Alfa that prepared the cars “for gentlemen”. They also had the makers racing cars. Eventually, Enzo took all his skills and knowledge to form Scuderia Ferrari (literally, Ferrari Stable, hence the symbol of the Prancing Pony on the car’s badge) in 1939. He wasn’t allowed to use the name Ferrari for four years, which was lucky as the Second World War put paid to any motor racing.

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Where Ferrari sits in the motoring world is quite complicated. They have been owned by Fiat, who themselves were in a partnership with North American car manufacturer Chrysler. Currently, Ferrari has been a registered company in the Netherlands since 2016, with Pietro Ferrari, Enzo’s surviving second son, now in charge.

Regardless of who owns it or where it is registered, the cars have always been produced in Maranello in Italy. They are sometimes simply referred to as “the Maranello concern”. More importantly, it is the maker’s contribution to the world of Formula One that is the most significant aspect of their continued existence. Ferrari is the oldest and most successful Formula One team, being in it right from the start in 1952 and barely missing any races. They’ve also produced winners at the 24 hours at Le Mans.