Tech tools that will keep your customers happy

Success in business begins and ends with great customer service. With so much choice now available online, exceeding the expectations of your customers gives you a clear advantage over your competitors.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of tech tools that help you to provide your customer base with exceptional service, and this is our pick of the very best.

Sprout Social

When you’ve got a large customer base and operate across several social media channels, keeping on top of what’s being said about your business can be hard work. But it’s absolutely essential nonetheless. According to Chron, poor reviews can quickly harm your business, so it’s important to constantly monitor what’s being said about your company online.

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Sprout Social easily manages all of your social media channels, ensuring that no comment gets overlooked so that you can respond appropriately.


LiveChat is the preferred method used by customers to communicate with online companies, providing a fast and efficient service exactly when it’s needed most. Even the smallest of online businesses can benefit from this technology, so there’s no need to feel pressured if you don’t have an in-house IT team to keep on top of your tech needs. Whether you’re based in Cardiff, Coventry or Cheltenham IT support services are readily available. In fact, Cheltenham IT Support offers a raft of professional IT services that allow you to compete on a more level playing field with even large concerns.


No customer likes to feel ignored, so provide timely interactions just when they’re needed most, with GetResponse. The software lets you schedule a range of automated messages, so that your company responds almost instantly to queries, purchasing problems, and even abandoned shopping carts. This improves customer satisfaction, and is more likely to lead to them completing a successful interaction with your brand.


Understanding exactly what customers most like and dislike about their interactions with your company, gives you great insight about how your business is perceived. Zoho can help by providing you with bespoke surveys that ask the questions you most need answers to. You don’t need any prior knowledge of coding, as the software operates on a drag-and-drop interface, so even the most non-technically minded can create an appropriate and professional-looking survey with the minimum of fuss, incorporating multiple choice questions and text boxes.


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