Staples you will need and trends to avoid in a commercial kitchen

If you are starting up a restaurant or catering business, the most important part of your venue will undoubtedly be your kitchen.

Staples you will need and trends to avoid in a commercial kitchen

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Commercial kitchens come in all shapes and sizes; however, there are certain pieces of equipment they all require and a few essential factors you need to take into consideration. Naturally, there are also some trends you should avoid.

The necessaries

Cooking equipment, of course, should be top of your list. Items such as cookers, grills and microwaves should all be carefully chosen for functionality, ease of use and their ability to help maximise the space in your kitchen. If you only have a cramped space with which to work, you should consider combination equipment to enable you to work more efficiently.

Next on the list is cleaning equipment, including sinks and dishwashers. What you buy will depend on the size of your kitchen and your budget, but always remember that hygiene and health and safety should be high on your agenda.

Speaking of health and safety, attention should be paid to fire prevention and suppression – for example, sprinkler systems – and to first aid equipment.

Staples you will need and trends to avoid in a commercial kitchen2

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Ventilation is also critical. According to the Health and Safety Executive, ventilation is necessary in commercial kitchens to remove the heat, fumes and vapours produced by cooking to a safe external location.

Fans and grease hoods are therefore another essential part of your commercial kitchen planning. Below ground grease traps from a provider such as enable the efficient removal of fats, oils and grease from waste water in addition to trapping food waste sediment.

Another consideration to make is the flooring. Installing special non-slip kitchen flooring will help to keep your staff safer.

What to avoid

Kitchens full of busy chefs and other staff can quickly become hot and uncomfortable – and the last thing you want is overheated, unhappy staff. Adequate ventilation and enough space, as outlined above, are therefore essential rather than an option.

Avoid cramped spaces, fussy and complicated equipment and bold colours – even if they are currently on trend – as they will quickly become overbearing. Classic, simple-to-use cookers and hobs are the best buys, as they will not only last longer but will also be easier to fix if they break down.