Six Tips for a Great Office Fit-Out

You spend a lot of time in your office, so it should be a great space that promotes productivity, teamwork and creativity. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, but an office overhaul isn’t that hard, especially if you follow these six tips.

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1. Choose a Team

Before you begin your office fit-out, ask your staff and colleagues what changes they’d like to implement. Then elect a person or a small team to oversee the fit-out and take responsibility for the changes. These people can manage the project from start to finish and ensure it is completed the way it was envisioned.

2. Consider Future Plans

An office refit is an investment, but consider carefully how long you will be occupying the space for or if you are planning on growing. You don’t want to get too big and be stuck in small stifling space simply because you spent a lot of money on it.

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3. Plan, Plan and Then Plan Again

Plan for the entire refit, then re-plan and rework until you are 100% happy. Remember that it takes time and may affect production, so you need to factor this in. If you can, ensure that the refit takes place while your business is quiet.

4. Choose the Right Fit-Out Company

There are plenty of office fit out companies, but not all of the will share your vision, be within your budget or offer the services you are looking for. A brand like offers everything from 3D rendering to office furniture, and if you can find someone like this who does it all, that’s first prize.

5. Draw Up a Budget

Every office refit comes with hidden costs, so you need to ensure that you have these covered and that you know exactly what your budget is. It needs to be a realistic amount too with a little wiggle room, but even if your budget is small, great results are easy to achieve.

6. Don’t Fix It If It Isn’t Broken

A new look is great, but if you have specific branding or similar, ensure that it still ties in. You can also keep existing furniture and equipment and just give the rest of the room a make-over if you are happy with what you have but want a bit of an update.