Six key elements in successful ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning offers a superb, cost-efficient means of cleaning a wide variety of items, from small pieces of jewellery through to large industrial machinery. To ensure a perfect, thorough ultrasonic clean every time, there are certain key factors to bear in mind.

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In fact, the capabilities of ultrasonic cleaning are being recognised by a wide range of industries and sectors, and Yahoo Finance reports the prediction that the global market value will reach $30 billion by the end of the decade.

Power Input

A source of power is essential, as this is how the ultrasonic sound waves that create the cavitation cleaning effect are produced. The higher the power input, the more powerful the cleaning will be.

Frequency Setting

Achieving the best possible result depends on choosing the correct frequency setting. If the item has more ingrained, hardened dirt, a lower frequency is better. Meanwhile, small, delicate pieces that require precise cleaning can benefit from a higher frequency setting.


This is another vital factor in ensuring a thorough clean. A higher heat is often more effective but conversely could lead to damage to the item being cleaned.


Don’t overload the tank – if more space is needed, consider choosing a large ultrasonic cleaner from Hilsonic or other leading brands. A large ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for many industries, including automotive and re-manufacturing applications.

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The Transducer

Keeping the transducer well-maintained is essential for ensuring a long lifespan for ultrasonic cleaning apparatus. This component generates the cavitation effect – the microbubbles that “suck” away dirt and contaminants from surfaces.

Balance of Chemicals

Cleaning effectively without damaging the item means carefully choosing the chemicals used in the tank. Your choice of cleaning fluid will vary according to the material of the item being treated, so bear this in mind.


A key benefit of the ultrasonic cleaning process is that it delivers incredible results in a short time frame. Don’t, however, be tempted to leave items in the tank for longer than their recommended time as this can lead to damage instead of a cleaner result.