Services Provided to Residents of Care Homes

A key feature of care homes that cater to the elderly is keeping residents well looked after. However, some services are not available at all times and some services may vary depending on the needs of the residents. The following are some of the services available to residents:

Some services offered to residents include cleaning, cooking and activities. The quality of the cleaning can be highly dependent on the level of care provided by the care staff. For example, some residents have certain food preferences, some prefer to use certain facilities and some require more personal attention than others. Therefore, the day to day running of the services is normally done by the care staff, a cook, domestic help and volunteers. For information on Care Homes Leicester, visit a site like Sanders Senior Living, leaders in providing Care Homes Leicester.

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Other services include teaching activities for residents and specific care work for the resident’s needs, carried out by nursing staff. One of the best examples of these activities is dance. Dancing is a great activity for the elderly as it helps them in breathing and in gently controlling their body movement. It also helps in encouraging the elderly to get up and about and to socialize with other people, which will help them to become more confident and able.

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Other activities include mental stimulation exercise, such as bingo or trivia quizzes. Care homes are always looking for new activities to enhance the daily lives of their residents in positive ways.