Planning a Successful Event

To stage an event that everyone is talking about for the rest of the year, you should follow some big industry tips. There are some very basic factors to understand when planning events and some very important things to be considered, to avoid making costly mistakes.

  1. Setting clear goals

To be able to assess the success, you need to know what your goals are for the event. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. This way you will know what to look for with future events and can effectively measure your success.

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  1. Having the right people

You do not need a large team to help, maybe just two people who contribute and communicate well. These people will be your saviour though, especially for major events of several hundred guests.

  1. Marketing is the key

Old concepts are still relevant – namely the 4 Ps of marketing. Do not neglect promotion, products, place and price. For Function rooms Newbury, visit a site like Newbury Races, providers of Function rooms Newbury for top events.

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  1. Plan ahead

Event planning without the ability to plan ahead will be a struggle! It’s important to plan so that deadlines are not missed and contingency plans can be put in place.

  1. Target your audience

The best way to get the audience fully engaged is to target the right people to be there. There is no point in having a conference on aging if you just invite children aged 16-24 years, for example. Understand who your target audience, reach out to them and involve them.