Organising a conference? Tips from the pros.

Organising a conference is so much more than booking a venue and some speakers; far more goes into a successful conference than the average conference-goer realises. From finding the right venue to organising engaging speakers, there is much to get right if you want it to be a success.

Organising a conference

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The venue is key

Whilst there is a lot of importance attached to the conference speakers, theme and general purpose, none of these will have the right impact if the venue is wrong. It may not be the main attraction, but it certainly sets the scene and provides the general atmosphere in which the conference will progress. Think about the needs of your delegates when considering size, location and amenities and ensure it is in keeping with the image that you wish to project. Whether you’re researching venue hire in Taunton or in the centre of London, do your homework.

Book your speakers early

If you have an idea as to which industry professionals you’d like to have present at your conference, get in early and book them. Many a conference has been ruined by simply overlooking this basic premise. Once you have secured your speakers, you can start to promote your event and attract businesses and industry professionals.

Cater for your clientele

The food that you provide is another factor in how successful your conference is likely to be. Ensure that there is plenty of choice, without making this a foodie convention (focus should remain on the topic at hand), and ensure that those with special requirements are catered for

Know your area

Not just the venue itself, but the area in which the conference is held can determine how successful your conference is going to be. If you are holding your conference in a county ground venue, County Ground Taunton will offer different amenities and attractions than the Kent County Ground, for example. Use a good travel site to research some of the local attractions and keep the list handy for delegates who may want to explore the local area.

With a little forethought and some careful planning, you can ensure that your conference is a success and that your delegates get the most out of their experience, both in the conference itself and outside of the conference times.